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Latest HPE2-K42 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 36

You complete a storage design in the HPE Storage Sizer tool. What is the easiest way to get this design into Sales Builder for Windows (SBW) to create a quote?

A. Export the Bill of Materials to Excel, save the file to a csv. and import to SBW.
B. Use the Solve/Submit button In the Sizer to create the SBW quote automatically
C. Use the supplied Bill of Materials from the Slzer to create the quote manually
D. Use the HPE Storage Sizer SBW export function lo create a file to import into SBW

Answer: D

Question: 37

Your customer has a 10-node StoreVirtual cluster split between 2 sites that are 1 km apart and are connected by a redundant pair of dark fiber links. The latency is far below 2 ms. Inside the Centralized Management console. 2 sites are created and the appropriate servers and storage systems are assigned to each site.
What should you suggest to your customer when following the best practices tor quorum voting algorithm?

A. Run the appropriate number ot managers on each site.
B. Enable Peer Persistence on Management Group level.
C. Deploy an NFS network Share tor Quorum Witness feature in LH OS 12.5.
D. Deploy the Faiiover Manager (FOM)

Answer: A

Question: 38

You are designing an iSCSI solution for a customer with one data center, who is investing in a second data center that will be ready in the near future. The networking infrastructure of the current data center is generally sufficient for use with an iSCSI storage solution, but it is from a different vendor. The new data center will be equipped with current HPE Networking switches. What should you keep in mind when discussing the use of Ethernet Jumbo Frames for this environment?

A. For maximum performance. Jumbo Frames should be configured on the storage nodes only
B. Jumbo Frames are only required for low latency applications
C. Jumbo Frame sizes are not standardized across all switch vendors
D. Only switch ports must be configured to forward Jumbo Frames

Answer: C

Question: 39

During a meeting with me CFO and CIO of a logistics service provider, they complain about me unsatisfactory performance of their existing business intelligence solution. The CFO is focused on a High ROI and tow TCO tor the new storage solution. The design parameters to size the solution are:
* 30.000 10PS
* 4 TB database size
* VMware vSphere is used as Hypervisor
Which HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage configuration should you propose?

A. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 with 250 x 600 GB15 k disks. Base OS and Optimization Suite v2 licenses
B. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 2-node with 4 x 1 92 TB SSD drives tor Adaptrve Flash Cache and 12 x 900 GB 15 k drives. Base OS and Optimization Suite v2 licenses
C. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 with 8 x 1.92 TB cMLC SSD dnves Base OS licenses
D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 with 4 x 480 GB MIX SSD drives for Adaptive Rash Cache. 12 x 900 GB 10 k drives, Base OS and Optimization Suite v2

Answer: C

Question: 40

At which level is an HPE 3PAR StoreSeiv Reduplication performed?


Answer: B

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