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Vendor Adobe
Exam Code 9A0-411
Full Exam Name Adobe Analytics Developer
Certification Name Analytics Developer

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

An Adobe Analytic Developer needs to set s.campaign with the query string value whenever a query
string of ?cid=[[value]] is present in the URL. The client does NOT want s.campaign to track duplicate
values during the same visit to avoid tracking duplicate clickthroughs.
The developer has developed the following code in AppMeasurement:
s.campaign = s.Util.getQueryParam(‘cid’);
Which line of code should be used to meet the rest of the tracking requirement?

A. s.campaign = s.UtiLuniqueVal;
B. s.campaign = s.getValOnce(‘cid’)
C. s. campaign = s.UtilcookieRead(‘s_.campaign’);
D. s.campaign = s. getValOnce(s.campaign, ‘s_campaign’);

Answer: D

Question: 2

A developer is using event16 on the confirmation page to capture any discount amount that was
applied to the individual product at the time of purchase. Using a Dynamic Tag Management (DIM)
rule on the confirmation page, the product string and event list are set as follows:
s.pioducts = *;8675309;1;10.00:event16=2.00*
s. events = *purchase*
s.purchaselD =*12i4567*
After initial testing of the rule using the browser console a developer can see data for event16 within
the image request. After 30 minutes within Adobe Analytics, the developer notices that event16 is
NOT reporting any data.
What is causing this issue?

A. The event has NOT been configured in the interface to be included as part of the product string.
B. The event list should abo include “event16″.
C. The value of event16 must be in single quotes to process correctly.
D. The code is correct. Wait for the data to process.

Answer: B

Question: 3

The following code in Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) is failing to send eVar1. The Adobe Analytics
tool is property configured and set to manage s.code with the correct embed code on the page. The
page load rule is set to fire at the bottom of the page and the code is in the custom code rule
s.eVar1=”some value”;
return true
Why is eVar1 not working?

A. There is a syntax error in the code.
B. The code must be set in the rule’s Adobe Analytics custom page code.
C. The line s.t(); should be removed.
D. s does not have global scope and cannot be called in the custom rule condition.

Answer: D

Question: 4

A site analyst is using Adobe Analytics reports to review the progress of a recently launched paid
search campaign. The paid search keywords report in Adobe Analytics has no data for the current
month. How should this problem be fixed?

A. Configure the “Paid Search Detection” rules to include all campaign URL parameters.
B. Request access to the “Paid Search Detection” report in the admin console.
C. Create a “search keyword classification” on the campaign variable.
D. Enable campaign tracking reporting in the UI.

Answer: A

Question: 5

A developer needs to track when a user clicks on the “Our Team” and “Career” banner buttons. The
developer does NOT need to track when a user dicks the “awards” banner button on the “about us”
page. All three buttons are identified with a unique id (div id =’team1’. etc) but are nested within the
parent “div class=’banners'”
How should CSS be configured with an event-based rule to meet the requirements?

A. Add the following CSS within the DTM UI of the rule: div.banners,:not(div”awards>
B. Use a cookie and evaluate the div id of the banner click to determine if it should be included or
C. Add the following CSS within the DTM UI of the rule: div#team.div#careers:not(div.banners)
D. Use custom code within the event-based rule

Answer: A

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