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Vendor LPI
Exam Code 701-100
Full Exam Name DevOps Tools Engineer
Certification Name LPI DevOps Tools Engineer

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Question #:1

What does the command packer validate template. json do?

A. The command verifies that the latest build of the template can be run without downloading additional images or artifacts.
B. The command verified that the file template. json is a syntactically correct and complete Packet template.
C. The command verifies that all existing artifacts generated by template. jaon have their original checksums.
D. The command verified that all source images referenced in template .json are available and have valid cryptographic signatures.
E. The command verifies that all images generated previously by template. json still use the most recent source images.

Answer: B

Question #:2

What must be the first line of a plain text user-data configuration containing YAML configuration for cloud-init?

A. cloud-config:
B. cloud-config
C. #1 /user/bin/cloud-init
D. [cloud-config]
E. #cloud-config

Answer: E

Question #:3

Which of the following sections must exist in a Packer template?

A. images
B. provisioners
C. builders
D. variables
E. post-processsors

Answer: C

Question #:4

How is cloud-init integrated with a managed system image?

A. cloud inil provides the cloud-init-worker command which has to be invoked periodically within the running instance.
B. cloud -int provides systemd units which must be included in several stages of the booting process of instance.
C. cloud- int provides its own startup mechanism which replaces the instance’s original init system, such as systemd.
D. cloud-init provides a Linux kernel module that must be included and loaded in the instance’s initframfs.
E. cloud-init provides the cloud-init-daemon service which is launched during startup and keeps the instance in sync with the desired configuration.

Answer: B

Question #:5

Which of the following elements are present in a Vagrant box file? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. A Vagrant guest configuration file that is used to create instances of the box.
B. Configuration files for provisioners such as Ansible.
C. The installer for the Vagrant version which is required to run the box.
D. A metadata file describing the box and its requirements.
E. A base file system image in a format supported by the provider of the box.

Answer: A E

Question #:6

Which security issues exist for most publicly available Vagrant boxes? (Choose THREE correct answers)

A. They accept SSH logins from the user vagrant with the password vagrant.
B. They accept SSH logins from the user vagrant with a publicly available SSH key pair.
C. The vagrant user can use sudo to obtain root privileges without additional authentication.
D. Their whole file system, including configuration files, is writable by any user, including vagrant.
E. They export their file system via NFS with full write permissions without any additional restriction

Answer: A B D

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